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A Whole New Way to Think about Real Estate

You are a seeker. A buyer. A seller. I am a real estate innovator. An influencer. A trendsetter. A residential broker who delivers dreams.

Since 2003, my signature positioning, branding and marketing downtown property has become a Chicago legend. Why? What distinguishes me Why do people choose me? Is it my 800+ transactions and $400+ million in sales?Yes, but I believe it is the value I add to every deal that drives my success. And you happiness.

It's based on a simple concept.Connectedness.

I work directly on your project, not through assistants. I enjoy access to scoops on hidden real estate opportunities before they go public. Aconcierge broker, I also connect you with the finest staging specialists, interior designers, construction experts, even personal chefs.

And then there's knowledge.

With a blend of East Coast resolve and Midwestern thoughtfulness, I translate insight and expertise into deals well done. Passionate about architecture, design, style and trends. I have memorized the fine details of downtown facades and floor plans, and know most Chicago buildings before entering their lobbies. This level of immersion allows quick, meticulous curation of options designed to delight every client at every price point.

Star power: On TV, online, in-person.

Well before Million Dollar Listings, I've appeared as a real estate expert on TV news forums.

I was also an early adapter of technology-to-effect sales, evidenced in my numerous videos and video channels.

At the end of the day, more than charts topped, goals exceeded, or awards won, my life is dedicated to your happiness at home: Your Happily Ever AlwaysTM.

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